How to check number a times a plugin is used

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How can we check the number of times a plugin is used? I can see in v11 of DSS that we can get usage, but the documentation says (screenshot attached) it only gives "all projects that use the plugin". I want to get the number of times this plugin is used in all the projects. I also want to know the number of times these plugins are executed.
Any help with this is much appreciated.
PS - I am currently using v10.


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  • Miguel Angel
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    With the 'Fetch Usages' option we get what projects is the plugin being used at. We are also shown what specific plugin objects (dataset, recipe, processor, etc) are being used there.

    That information can also be gathered from the commandline. For example:


    Regarding quantifying the number of times the plugin objets are used. There is not really a reliable way to do so due to the variety of plugin components. They can be datasets and recipes, but also processors, custom formula functions, ML algorithms, etc.

    In the specific case of the 'forecast' example in your screenshot. All the plugin elements are recipes. So, parsing the job logs or the audit trail would be a possibility. However, depending on the cleanup tasks in the DSS data directory this information could be lost too.

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    Thanks for this solution @MiguelangelC
    . I'll try this out.

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