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So I don't know if this has been asked already but I googled it and it doesn't seem like anyone has found a way to install this without internet. My company particularly is very strict with confidentiality this is it the restriction I have to live with lol.

Reference: https://doc.dataiku.com/dss/latest/installation/custom/graphics-export.html

I ran the ./dssadmin install-graphics-export

The installation never completes of course.

Wanted to know if anyone know if there's a workaround to this.


Operating system used: Centos 08

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  • Miguel Angel
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    As mentioned in the documentation, the export feature requires Internet access to install the additional required dependencies. Attempting to do an offline installation of these dependencies is not only a complex operation, but it is unsupported and not completely tested.
    I'd strongly suggest installing the integration while connected to the internet. This will significantly reduce the complexity of the task.

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