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I am editing a python stored under Python libraries form within Dataiku. To find a word in the file, I used cmd-F to initiate a search. I find that the search only occurs within the visible window in my browser (Safari), and not within the entire file. Is this expected behavior or is this a function of the browser. Given that all browsers allow file searches the observed behavior is hard to understand. Thanks for any insight.

Operating system used: MacOS 11.52, M1 chipx, 11.52, M1x


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    Yes, this is a limitation. When you hit Ctrl+F you initialize the browser's page search and it indeed searches only the visible part of the screen. If you click anywhere within the code and then hit Ctrl+F you will search through the code only. This way has a small downside though. You cannot "scroll" search items. This search will only highlight found items.

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