Exclude column from API Test Queries and export result

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I was tasked with testing an API service for a prediction model and i want to exclude the label column of the data from the test queries (when adding the data from the dataset, i don't want the "label" column to be included in the test query) is that possible? i can't find much information on test queries online.

i also wish to export the results of the test queries instead of manually typing them down.

Operating system used: Windows 11

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  • Turribeach
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    Dataiku gives you ability to create and deploy API endpoints in the API node. These API endpoints are in effect REST APIs. The most common type of API endpoints is a Python function. So I am not really sure what your question is about but in essence you can create and deploy API endpoints in the API node. Once you do that you can call your API endpoint from anything that supports REST APIs. You can also call the API endpoint from Dataiku itself and write some Python code to test your own API endpoint, passing whatever values you want and retrieving and storing all your responses back in whichever way you want. Does this answers your question?


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