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Hello everyone, I'm getting a Nullpointer exception where i 'm doing a fuzzy outter join on 2 dataset.

There are the logs on the attached file for the error :

Technical details follow:

  • Internal error, caused by: NullPointerException: null
  • HTTP code: , type: com.dataiku.dip.exceptions.DSSInternalErrorException

Does any one know how to fix that ?

Thanks you your help !

Operating system used: windows



  • JordanB
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    Hi @Babz

    Thanks for writing in! Have you tried recreating this recipe (using the same input datasets)? If not, please give that a shot and let us know if you are still getting this error. Note, there is a known bug that produces a NullPointerException if you change an input dataset after the first run and re-run the fuzzy join recipe. For example, if you set dataset_A and dataset_B as inputs and run the recipe it should work fine, but if you were to then change dataset_A to dataset_A_1 and run the recipe again, then you will get a NullPointerException. So, just make sure that you do not switch the dataset after configuring up the fuzzy join recipe.

    If recreating the recipe still produces an error for you, I recommend sending us a job diagnostic via our live chat on our website or opening a support ticket. You can generate a job diagnostic by navigating to the appropriate job page and clicking on Actions > Download job diagnosis. If the resulting file is too large to be sent over email though (>15 MB), you can use https://dl.dataiku.com to send it to us. However, please don't forget to send the link that is automatically generated after uploading this file.

    Please keep us posted!



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