Subcharts not common x-axis not working as expected

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I've been trying to plot most ordered products each yeah by using subcharts. I like using subcharts since I can easily make aggregations over different moments in time, but it isn't quite working as expected.

Now subcharts offer an option to enable or disable a common X-axis. This would suggest that it would also be able to sort on values for each year individually. But it doesn't work like that. It seems just to not display the x-axis on every graph which isn't in my opinion intuitively the same as sharing a common x-axis.

Now I would love to be able to have different x-axis values depending on which year I am aggregating.

For example in this screenshot, I would expect in 2017 to have product 21264 follow up after 10750 (which 10750 correctly placed to the most far left of the graph) and for 2018 to have 34866 on the most far left as well.

See screenshot below.

Any help is welcome. It seems like a logical feature to me. I hope this gets implemented.



  • Clément_Stenac
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    I confirm that the feature works as expected :)

    It is not currently possible to have sub-ordering for each subchart. Ordering is based on the global aggregation. The reasoning for that is that subcharts are mostly used for comparing behavior between the subcharts. PRoper comparison is only possible if the X axis is common. The "Common X Axis" feature is indeed only intended to display a single time the axis rather than once per subchart.

    Thanks for the feature request, we'l add it to our requested features list.

    For your use case, we'd recommend that you use a dashboard where you display multiple charts with filters on the year. This way, each chart will be independent and independently ordered
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