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I faced the below errors while trying out the Tableau Hyper Export plugin.

1) Upload DSS dataset as Tableau Hyper file to Tableau Online

Not sure whether I have filled in the details correctly under Export, Other (Plugins)

Use Preset >> checked

Tableau Server Preset >> None



Password>> xxxxx


Failed to export rows : <class 'xml.etree.ElementTree.ParseError'> : must not undeclare prefix: line 2, column 0

2) Import Tableau Data file as a DSS Dataset

Create a folder and upload a hyper file. Test.

Under Format/Preview

Type>> Tableau Hyper(.hyper)

Schema Name>> Extract

Table Name>> Extract

File Compression>> None


Tried format format_tableau-hyper-export_hyper-format but configuration is not OK. Could not read file using format: Failed during remote read: <class 'KeyError'>: table_name

I faced the below error while trying out the Dataiku AutoMl Insights tableau extension.

After loading the extension, I clicked on "Configure DSS Settings" . Error "Your Settings cannot be configured within the extension. Please edit your settings file directly"


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  • Alphaforte
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    Hi Zach,

    Thanks for the reply. For item 1, I have tried both of your suggested steps. Initially, I have gotten an error "Failed to export rows :<class 'ValueError'> : The project Default does not exist on server.

    The above was resolved when I created a Project in Tableau - eg "Dataiku". And in DSS, I have changed the datafield in Project from "Default" to "Dataiku".

    Your walk-around for item 2 works for me.


  • Zach
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    Hi @Alphaforte

    1) When exporting to Tableau Online, the URL should be in the format without the site at the end. If you need to specify the site, you can do so by setting the Site ID at the bottom under Advanced:


    If you don't want to specify the server settings every time, you can create a preset by going to Plugins > Installed > Tableau Hyper format > Settings > Tableau Server Preset:


    2) I'm getting the same error on my end. The error only occurs before the dataset is created, so you can get it to work by using the following workaround:

    1. Ignore the error and create the dataset anyway. 692D1644-89BC-4AC9-9D2B-A5C0A4B3B70B_1_201_a.jpeg
    2. In the dataset settings, set the table name and schema name to Extract, then click UPDATE PREVIEW. 66E3413A-A04D-4594-9048-3A2DF4CC64C4_1_201_a.jpeg
    3. If you get a message that says the schema doesn't match, click RELOAD SCHEMA FROM DETECTED DATA. D6E87228-15A1-4FD5-A611-580632C223B1_1_201_a.jpeg

    The dataset should work now.

    I've reached out to our R&D team regarding this issue, and will post a follow-up reply if a solution is found.

    3) The free demo version of the Dataiku AutoML Insights Extension doesn't allow you to change the DSS settings. If you are an existing Dataiku customer please reach out to your customer success manager for access to a full version of the extension. If you are not a current Dataiku customer, you can explore our license options here. To contact us please visit the Contact Us page and fill out a general inquiry form and a member of our team will be in touch.



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