downloading zip folder from the data source

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How we can download the zip file from the data source (ie azure) . When it is getting selected it is showing unsupported format.

Operating system used: windows



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    Can you elaborate more on your use case?

    If you're trying to export the zip file from Azure Blob Storage as a dataset to Dataiku, follow the below steps:

    1. Set up a Connection with Azure Blob Storage. Go to Administration --> Connection --> New Connection --> Cloud Storage and Hadoop --> Azure Blob Storage (make sure your get access to this connection)

    2. Once you set up the connection. Go to your Project Flow --> + Dataset --> Cloud Storage & Social --> Azure Blob Storage--> Select the connection you build from the drop down and provide the path

    3. DSS will automatically read the file format under the zip file

    Note: You need Admin access to perform Step #1

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