Error while Duplicating Project

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Hi ,

I am getting the error message while duplicating the project attached below.

can you please help me fixing the problem ?



  • MatiasL
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    Hello @Nouf

    Firstly, could you please confirm exactly which DSS version are you actually using? Does your user actually have permissions in that project? Are you using 'admin'?

    Is this issue affecting all projects? Or just this one specifically?

    If you try to change the project name/key for other one, same error? Any additional information would be appreciated.

    Finally, please try the 2 different ways to duplicate and let me know the result:

    • From the homepage of the project you want to copy, choose Actions > Duplicate project.


    • From the Projects page, right-click on the tile of the project you want to copy and choose Duplicate project.

    Looking forward to your feedback

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