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We have a multi-Terabyte database which the business is always wanting new/modified reports generated from. Can Dataiku produce multipage tabular reports as one of its outputs? Can end users create/modify these types of reports with minimal training?

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    You can use the DSS Flow to apply the report's business logic and generate the required Dataset from your source Database. For Every Report, you can have the pipeline reading source data applying business logic and the output will be the final Report Data.

    Now, if the requirement is just to output the final data in a Tabular Form with some filters. Use DSS Dashboard capability and add a Dataset Tile and a filter Tile. The DSS Dashboard is synced with the underlying table and will get automatically refreshed. For Charts, use DSS Charts to be published in Dashboard.

    If you want to bring your own Visualization Tool, you can integrate it with DSS or underlying DB and use that.

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