No module named sklearn.linear_model.logistic when I do dataiku.Model(model_name).get_predictor()

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I am trying to get the predictor name of a model, so that I can further get the coefficients of LR model, but I am getting the following error-

"No module named sklearn.linear_model.logistic" when I do dataiku.Model(model_name).get_predictor()

Screenshot 2022-08-18 162638.png


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    It seems a package is missing in your code env. You can check that on Administration > Code Envs > <select the notebook's code env> > Currently installed packages

    Do you find 'scikit-learn' among them? If so, what version is it?, it may need to be updated.

    If not, could you please make sure the code env used for this notebook has installed the 'Visual Machine Learning (scikit-learn, XGBoost,LightGBM)' package set?


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