Clustering Analysis Results

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Hi everyone!!

An analyst in Ireland and I have been working together on the Dataiku Clustering Analysis and we are having a hard time understanding the results for the Agglomerative and Interactive models. Dataiku does not provide a schedule nor the proximity matrix which would be EXTREMELY helpful, but they do provide other graphics. The problem is when you get to the documentation to understand them, it is empty. The words Clustering Results are the only hint that there may be, sometime in the future, documentation describing in detail the many results of the analysis.

One item is the numerical heatmap. The only documentation about it is in Knowledge base and states "This will provide additional information about your clusters." This really doesn't help much at all. Especially when you have a huge dataset.

Another is the Cluster Profiles. I have found nothing on this topic.

Since these do not exist in SPSS I am at a loss on how to interpret. If anyone has some suggestions on reading materials or information, I would be most grateful.



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