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Is there a way I can take a file (.csv or .xlsx) from a folder in DSS and send it to a local folder using Python?

Operating system used: Windows


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    Hi @Pete1

    Below is an example Python code that uses Dataiku Python APIs to export the files from a DSS folder to a local folder called output :

    import dataikuapiimport io, oshost="http://localhost:11200"apiKey = "*******"project_key="******"folder_id="*****"def api_py_function(project_key, folder_id):client = dataikuapi.DSSClient(host,apiKey)folder = dataikuapi.dss.managedfolder.DSSManagedFolder(client, project_key, folder_id)contents = folder.list_contents()if not os.path.exists("output"):os.mkdir("output")for item in contents["items"]:with open("output/"+item["path"], "wb") as f:file = folder.get_file(item["path"])f.write(file.content) ​api_py_function(project_key,folder_id)

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