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The 2022 edition of the Everyday AI Conference by Dataiku kicked off last month, traveling to London and New York with future stops planned in Bengaluru and Paris. If you’re unable to attend in person this year, don’t worry — you can still tune into Everyday AI Bengaluru on Tuesday, July 12th, via LinkedIn Livestream and join hundreds of data leaders and practitioners for a day of insights and networking (as well as a few surprises and prizes especially for online attendees!).

Scroll down below to learn more about what we have planned for our virtual participants, and register for relevant sessions, tracks, and activities. We look forward to seeing you there!

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Build Your Own Agenda

The online edition of the Everyday AI Bengaluru Conference follows a build-your-own format, allowing online participants like yourself to pick and choose what interests you most in order to create a personalized agenda.

Morning Sessions

The morning of the event is packed with six sessions featuring some of the best and brightest minds in data. Browse the selection below, and register for the ones you’d like to attend:

  • Introduction: Introduction to Everyday AI and what’s in store for you.
  • Welcome: Welcome message from Ulysses David, Dataiku’s Head of Global Strategy.
  • AI for Autism: Session led by Usha Rengaraju, Chief Research Officer at Exa Protocol.
  • Ashtaang AI - Eight Layers of an AI Stack for Complex Ecosystems: Session led by Shailesh Kumar, Chief Data Scientist at Jio.
  • Systematize Your Approach to Scaling AI: Session led by Padmashree Shagrithaya, Global Head of Analytics & Data Science at Capgemini.
  • Customer Panel Discussion: Featuring speakers from Dataiku, Alstom, Suez WTS, Morgan Stanley, and JK Lakshmi Cement.


Afternoon Tracks

Our series of afternoon tracks will kick off after a short lunch break. Discover the variety of topics below, which allow you to connect at a macro level for high-level yet concrete best practices, and on a micro-level for Dataiku tips and tricks.

AI in Action

Our AI in Action track gives you the opportunity to learn from real-world use cases, from the finance industry to manufacturing, retail, and everything in between:

  • GE Aviation Dataiku Case Study: Session led by Jayanth Sekar, Director of Data & Analytics at General Electric.
  • Mobilize Your Data With Snowflake: Session led by Vimal Venkatram, MD - India at Snowflake.
  • Thematic Basket Incubator: Session led by Vinita Raghu, Vice President at Citi.
  • Tap Into Your Unstructured Data: Session led by Sheena Nasim, APAC Sales Engineer at Dataiku.


Dataiku Unveiled


Find out more about the latest Dataiku features and products

The Dataiku Unveiled track, meanwhile, allows you to discover the latest Dataiku features and products and dive deeper into the technical aspects. It’ll also feature a preview of our soon-to-be-released Dataiku 11, which was first announced at Everyday AI London.

  • Contextual Intelligence for Business Teams: Session led by Henri Chabert, Software Engineer at Dataiku.
  • Removing Friction From Your MLOps Processes: Session led by Alexandre Hubert, RVP, Sales at Dataiku.
  • What’s New in Dataiku 11: Session led by Stephen Wagner, Senior Product Manager at Dataiku.
  • Product Directions: Session led by Krishna Vadakattu, Senior Product Manager at Dataiku.


Exciting Extras and Fun Surprises

In addition to the day’s core sessions and tracks, we’ve planned plenty of fun extras and surprises for you and your fellow participants! Discover a few of them below.

Dataiku Escape Room

Do you have what it takes to get out of the Dataiku escape room before the clock runs out? Put your skills to the test by teaming up with fellow data practitioners to try and solve an immersive data challenge on Dataiku.

escape room.jpg

Dataiku Insiders Days participants trying to solve the puzzles to get out of the Dataiku escape room

First played at Dataiku Insiders Days where it was unanimously declared the event highlight, the Dataiku escape room is now coming to the Everyday AI Conference. In this collaborative data challenge, you will work in teams to prepare, enrich, analyze, and draw insights from retail sales data for a limited amount of time. As a result, it’s recommended to have already used Dataiku beforehand!

There are limited spaces available, so if you’re interested in playing, find out more about the game and RSVP via the button below.


Quiz and Networking Session

Our online edition of Everyday AI Bengaluru will wrap up with a lively networking session, where you can join fellow data leaders and practitioners in breakout group discussions.

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Starting with a fun, interactive quiz, you’ll learn about all of the Dataiku Community resources available to support your professional development — with the opportunity to win special prizes! We’ll then split participants into different breakout rooms, where you can exchange with three to five fellow attendees on the topic of your choosing, including:

  • Self-Service Analytics
  • Data Visualization
  • MLOps
  • Responsible AI
  • Natural Language Processing


Register for the Everyday AI Bengaluru Live Streaming Event

Build your own agenda by registering for one or several of the event’s sessions and activities, or register for the morning sessions, and let our moderators @DariaS
and @MichaelG
guide you throughout the day!


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