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I'm trying to call a model that was deployed on my flow in a Python Notebook.

The reason is to build a webapp.

to do so, I created a notebook where I generated new data and made a call to the model a follows :

m = dataiku.Model("4bJu8Aug")
my_predictor = m.get_predictor()

a new data is df.

my question is, which function I need to call to predict(df)?

Operating system used: windows


  • Sarina
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    Hi @arash_fard

    You can get the clf object and then use clf.predictor() like so:

    model = dataiku.Model('9pPIVJO4')
    p = model.get_predictor()
    clf = p._clf

    Just in case it's useful as well, if you are curious about a fuller example, you can click on Actions > Export to Jupyter notebook from your visual model to see more detailed steps.

    Let me know if this is not what you are looking for.

    Thank you,

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