Table does not exist error while using the Sync recipe

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Hi, I am using the Sync recipe to load a file from S3 into Snowflake.

I discover that I couldn't check the option "Append instead of overwrite" the first time I do it; otherwise I get the error

SQL compilation error: Table '###' does not exist

so I uncheck it and the recipe runs fine. Then I can check this option in the following runs.

When I deploy the bundle to the automation node, I notice the same issue.

My question is if DSS can automatically create the table if it finds the table does not exist in data warehouse when user checks the option to "Append instead of overwrite"? Otherwise, it seems users would have to manually create the target table first, or to deploy the bundle twice and the first time is to create the table without the append option?

The use case here is we want to load the model predictions into a table in Snowflake, and we want DSS to manage the creation and insert.



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