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Hi all,

1) I know that it is possible to run scenario from the Dashboard.

But is it possible to edit variables from the Dashboard view?

Background: I have five output datasets generated when I run a scenario in application. I want to be able to select which output I see on the dashboard.

I am able to make the selection on the application side by taking inputs from user in the form of variables. But I want to know if I can take these inputs also on the Dashboard side?

2) It would also be helpful if I can just select the Output dataset using its name (like with a dropdown or something) on the dashboard side. Please help

Thanks in advance

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  • Emma
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    Hey @Akshay1

    There is no way to collect variables on the Dashboard slides.

    If you want to select between the results of 5 different datasets you could create five slides on one dashboard and allow users to select between them.

    Alternatively, if you are on Dataiku 10.0 or above you should have the option to add a Filter to a Dashboard and specify what you'd like to see. So, you could create a new identifier in each dataset that specifies where it came from, stack the output datasets and then have users filter based on that identifier.

    Hope that helps,



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