CSV not found in Application test

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I have a project I'm designing to be an application for end users. Similar to this tutorial, the goal is that a user can upload a CSV of some existing data and get predictions from a trained model.


I have copied almost exactly the flow from this project above. When I set up the tile for 'upload a csv of observations', under dataset I get a drop down menu. I choose the file I want to replace, hit save and test, and then see this. The correct name of the file is in blue after 'View settings of dataset ...' but the UI says 'dataset does not exist ...' and this dataset is renamed.

Why is it renaming the file and looking for that one instead? It clearly knows what the correct file is, but it says this other thing doesn't exist. I've tried deleting that file and reuploading it with no luck. If I choose a different file to replace in the drop down menu it does work. What's going on?

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