Updating a dataset in the flow based on changes made to it on Application(using edit dataset tile)

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Hi all,

I have made some changes to a Dataset (called Pricechanges) using the 'edit dataset tile' in the application. Good news is that I get my final output dataset with these changes incorporated in it.

But the when I go back to my flow, I don't see the changes that I made using the application to the dataset 'Pricechanges'. Additionally, my output dataset that was generated in application is also not updated in the flow.

Could you please tell me how I can overwrite the 'Pricechanges' dataset based on the content obtained from the application.

Thanks in advance

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    if you make modifications in an instance of a Dataiku application, the modifications are not carried over to the application itself, and stay in the instance. If you need to change the original application, then you need to edit the application directly, or write the change to a "common" place, like a fixed dataset in a SQL database (ie a dataset that has the same schema name and table name in both DSS projects). But that would defeat the point of having app instances, which are meant to be independent.

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