Why R-recipe is so slow when executed?

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Dear DataIKU team,

I am experiencing an issue when I execute a sample R code in an R-recipe, it takes very long to run the code. However, when the same R code is executed on R-studio it is executed much much faster. Can you please explain why there is so much difference in time to execute R code in R-studio and time to run an R recipe, both having the exact same R code?

I have tried several things to make R recipe run faster. For example. I allocated the same CPUs to my VirtualBox (that is running dataIKU) and allocated identical RAM as well. That means, DSS and R-studio have the same CPU and RAM allocation but the problem persists.

I am looking forward to your reply. Thanks for your assistance in advance.

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    Do you use the dkuWriteDataset method in the R recipe in Dataiku? Have you checked the library versions in Rstudio and in Dataiku?

    To understand the difference, it is helpful to identify what are the discrepancies in terms of code executed and of underlying libraries used.


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