BigQuery inequality join

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I'm using Dataiku 10 with bigquery and Python 3.6.

Lately, I was trying to join tables using a threshold of one table on proba from another.

But I got this error

Join is only supported with equality on BigQuery.

which is a quite understandable error.

But it's actually possible to join with >= on BigQuery with something like that .

So I wonder if there is another issue I do not have in mind or if it's possible to update the join visual recipe to match this behavior.

Thanks !

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Operating system used: Windows 10


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    Hi Ugo,

    which version of the BQ JDBC driver are you using ? which join ? on which type of fields are you putting conditions ? We also did find some issues with outer/left/right join in the past (so we needed to use a cross join and filter results later on) and also with DATE fields, but with more recent versions of the drivers we have been able to apply more sophisticated join conditions like the ones you indicated.



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