jupyter notebook support for scenario python code.

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I am looking at developing some python code to help move a scenario along. There is no good way (that I can find) to properly test python code in a scenario. The UI itself doesn't have a mechanism to run Jupyter Notebooks, and I cannot access it through the Pycharm plugin either. I'm not sure how others do it, but I need to be able to inspect the objects I am using. Right now I'm just guessing at their contents and testing by triggering the step in the scenario and looking at the logs. Not a very efficient way to go.

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  • Marlan
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    Hi @Jason

    Good question... I don't have an answer. I've done the same thing you describe which is to print debugging information and check the logs. I haven't found that to be too too painful but yes it certainly would be great if there were an easier/quicker way.


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    Agreed this is a pain. It gets even worst if you use functions because even after you copy/paste the code into a notebook a function failing will naturally clear all the local variables when it raises the exception so unless you have good logging you have to change the function to see what went wrong. And here is another for Scenarios which I am sure you suffer too:


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