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I would like to integrate dataiku in RStudio using R 4.x. Is this possible, or do I still need to use R 3.6?

Operating system used: Windows


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  • Sergey
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    Hi @awdursun

    It is recommended to use the same R version in R studio as it's installed on the DSS instance.

    As we do not yet support R v4 (should be available in the upcoming releases), it's recommended to use Rv3.6 in both places for now.

  • CoreyS
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    Good news @awdursun
    ! DSS can now use R 4 with Dataiku 11.1. In order to use R 4, you need to run the R integration procedure with “R” in the PATH pointing to R 4. All code environments then need to be rebuilt. Cloud Stacks setups are still on R 3.6, and will switch to R 4 in DSS 12.

    More information about Dataiku 11.1 can be found here: and in the release notes.

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