Problem importing MYSQL tables to Dataiku (tinyint(1) columns)

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I have MYSQL source data. While importing my data on Dataiku, I noticed that columns that are of type TINYINT(1) with possible values: 1, 2, 3, 4, ... 19 on MYSQL turn into Boolean columns on Dataiku with possible true or false values. So there is a conversion problem of the type TINYINT(1) when importing data to Dataiku.

I tried this solution that works well: apply the CAST function to all the columns concerned as soon as the tables were imported on Dataiku CAST (nom_colonne as SIGNED) but this solution required me several manual manipulations since I have several columns of type TINYINT(1) in my database. Do you have, please, an explanation and a lasting solution to this problem? there is no way to change the setting of my MYSQL connections?

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