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Hi Dataiku Team,
Can custom Scenario Step components be used more than once in the same scenario?

I have a Custom scenario Step component that i have created. The input params to this scenario step is like below, with one Int input and one Multiselect.
Now the problem i am facing is that when i try to add this step more than once in the sample scenario then i am unable to select two different values in the multi select
So for example In step 1 - if i selected VAL1 in multiselect
And then in step2 - if i selected VAL1 and VAL2
Then the mutliselect in step1 also gets updated with VAL2.
Is this a known issue ?
else can you check once as well , it could be possible that i might be missing something which is causing this issue.

"params": [
            "name": "param1",
            "label": "param1",
            "type": "INT",
            "description": "param1 description",
            "defaultValue" : -1,
            "mandatory": true
            "name": "multiparam2",
            "label": "multiparam2",
            "description": "multiparam2 description",
            "type": "MULTISELECT",
            "selectChoices": [
                {"value": "val1", "label": "label1"},
                {"value": "val2", "label": "label2"},
                {"value": "val3", "label": "label3"}


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    I'm seeing the same on my end too. I'll check/raise a ticket with the Product team.

    It's only with the multi-select for me, the select works as expected.

    - Alex


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