How to Deploy Specific Flow Zone With Project Bundle/Copy/Other Method To A Different Instance

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Hey everyone,

I wanted to know if it's possible to deploy parts of a flow/specific flow zones from a project through project bundles, or through the Copy functionality from a Design Node to either another Design Node or Automation Node. If this is not currently possible, are there any current best practices/recommendations for deploying specific flow zones/parts of flows?

Use case: For example on a project sometimes there might be multiple flow zones for testing different types of models/tweaks for region specific use cases/etc. In the end we may decide to go ahead and deploy only one of the flow zones because of a multitude of factors (performance, etc.). However, we would still like to keep the other parts of the flow available so we are able to look back if needed.

Is the best practice in this case to break up the project into multiple projects? Or are there other ways to deploy parts of the flow and not the entire flow? Thanks for any recommendations/suggestions!




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    Hi @kathyqingyuxu

    There is currently no way to split the flow/deploy parts of the flow within the project bundles/export options.

    You need to duplicate/separate/use shared objects so you will have independent projects that you can move between instances.


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