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I am writing the project documentation in a Wiki, and I can't find how to link to Notebook in the project.

In this page :

It is written :

In your Wiki article, you can create clickable links to any DSS object (dataset, recipe, notebook, ….) in the project or in another project. See the documentation about Markdown for details on the syntax to create links to DSS objects

However when going into the quoted documentation page, I can only find the following examples :

[[PROJECT_KEY.Wiki Article 1]]
(my dataset)[dataset:PROJECT_KEY.dataset_name]
(my model)[saved_model:PROJECT_KEY.model_id]
(my project)[project:PROJECT_KEY]

And indeed, notebook:my_notebook does not work.


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    Hi, try using [link title](jupyter_notebook:<PROJECT_KEY>.<notebook name>)

    Or [link title](jupyter_notebook:<notebook name>) if it's the current project

    FYI - the latest version of Dataiku has the links built into the menu you just have to select the text.

    Screen Shot 2022-04-12 at 11.05.33 AM.png


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