Changing dataset settings from local not working

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I'm getting this error dataikuapi.utils.DataikuException: com.dataiku.common.server.DKUControllerBase$MalformedRequestException: Could not parse a SerializedDataset from request body when I try to add custom metadata to dataset settings from local. Same code works when executed in DSS.

Any clue?


Operating system used: macOS



  • dgraham
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    Hi @dadbuz

    The error indicates that an invalid or unexpected value was passed to the API method. The exception traceback will indicate the exact line in your code that triggered the error. Please refer to the Datasets reference documentation to view the list of method arguments and data types accepted by the dataiku.Dataset object.

    If you are a Dataiku customer or are currently running an evaluation, then we encourage you to open a support ticket and attach a copy of your code, as well as the complete exception traceback for further assistance troubleshooting.

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