Interface and code design for webapp's to visually store project variables.

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I have opened this post to receive some feedback on a job I have been asked to do,to know if it can be done and what would be the best way to do it. This is about designing a simple visual interface, with webapps, in which values or characters (in this case different strings) are entered and stored as project variables to be later used in different python recipes. The interface of the webapp has to have a simple design that allows to introduce the different strings in 2 categories and that allows to have an option to add a new string, so that the register of the different strings in each of the categories can be seen and that it is very simple to add a new one. I don't know if this is out of the scope of what webapps on dataiku can do, because ,according to the little that I have seen with the null experience that I have in webapps, these are more focused on interactive visual representations.
I know that the easiest way to achive this job is to just save the new variables in JSON format in the project variables tab, but i need to know whether this can be achieved through webapps and a simple visual interface, because the people who will be adding the variables to the project over time are not familiar with dataiku and JSON. My main programming language is python so it would be more interesting if this can be done using one of the 2 libraries that dataiku has to design webapps in python, even with that i'm able to try to do with R o HTML/CSS/JS.

Operating system used: Dataiku DSS 9.0.4


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    Hi Jesus,

    This is indeed possible using Webapps! If your goal is to provide a user-friendly interface for users to add project variables, you can do so by creating a form in your Webapp and pass its data to the backend that will then create the project variables. Here are a few pointers to help you get started:

    • if you're already familiar with Python, I'd recommend using Dash, see this example
    • you can also create an HTML form directly in a standard Webapp if you know a bit of HTML/JS
    • Dataiku's public API allows you to get/set project variables, see the documentation

    Hope this helps!



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