Student Showcase 2022: Recognizing Academic Achievements

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We’re pleased to announce that the 2022 edition of the Student Showcase is open for submissions! Part of the Dataiku Academic Program, this yearly competition celebrates and recognizes students' achievements using Dataiku, earns them visibility in the data science community, and even includes special prizes and swag.

Learn about the program, its past winners, and how you can submit your inspiring project below!

Celebrating Students With Dataiku

First launched in 2021, the Student Showcase was created as part of the Dataiku Academic Program’s aim to foster the next generation of analytical talent. A global competition, it’s split between two divisions – individual and team – and is open to learners using Dataiku at all levels, including undergraduate, graduate, and those completing continuing education programs.


This year’s edition accepts submissions until Friday, May 13th, so if you’re working on something truly extraordinary, don’t hesitate to share! The benefits for participating are numerous:

  • Be recognized: Showcase your innovative use of Dataiku and the outcomes you have generated to inspire fellow students around the world.
  • Celebrate your individual and team achievements: Take a step back to measure your success as an individual or team and what efforts led to these accomplishments.
  • Earn visibility in the data science community: Dataiku will provide opportunities for students to share their work by highlighting their projects across our social networks.
  • Win special prizes and swag: Winners will receive an exclusive digital certificate and the opportunity to present their work to Dataiku executives and industry leaders. Moreover, all participants will receive special swag to thank you for their contribution to knowledge-sharing!

Looking for inspiration for your own submission? Don’t hesitate to check out the 2021 winners, who were selected by a panel of judges representing Dataiku customers and partners. Annette Pamela Ruiz Abreu of the Tecnológico de Monterrey in Mexico was recognized last year for “Statistics in the World of Entertainment.” At the same time, Regina Alexia Blas Flores, Sergio Cuauhtémoc Blancas Vargas, Diego Alberto Zubillaga Pérez’s “Worldwide Happiness Determinants” project took home the award for the team division. We’re very impressed by the hard work and ingenuity of our past winners and look forward to accompanying them in their data science journeys and continuing to celebrate their success.

We’ll announce this year’s winning submissions in summer 2022, so keep an eye out – you may just see your project on the podium!

Submit Your Project


To enter, you first fill in the online submission form found here on the Dataiku Community. You’ll need to include basic information such as your name(s), the name of your project, your course details, and your academic institution and program of study.

On top of this, be prepared to submit a slide deck for your project. It should be split into four primary sections: project overview; data analysis, process, and use of Dataiku; outcomes and conclusion; and an individual or team statement on why your project should be selected as the overall winner. If you’re unsure where to start, you can find a sample deck here to help guide you and your teammates.

As mentioned above, submissions close May 13th, so be sure to get your entries in before the deadline!

About the Dataiku Academic Program


At Dataiku, we’re dedicated to enabling students to succeed in the data-driven world and helping them grow their data analysis and predictive modeling skills. As part of this mission, we offer free access to our software and specific support resources for academics, researchers, and personal learning through the Dataiku Academic Program.

For students, we offer free access to our fully integrated platform, in addition to hosting several student enrichment programs, project competitions, and access to monthly webinars and events.

For instructors, we offer free Dataiku licenses, support, and resources to help facilitate modern data science, machine learning, and AI education, preparing the next generation for their dream careers.

Finally, we provide personalized support for academic researchers as they explore their fields of study, publish findings, and work to advance knowledge.

Reach out to learn more about our free offerings for teaching and learning and join a host of students and global institutions currently using Dataiku. Otherwise, get a jump start by submitting your project to the 2022 Dataiku Student Showcase - we look forward to receiving your entry!

Have any questions about the Student Showcase or Dataiku Academic Program? Leave them below and we'll be happy to respond!

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