Audit logging config changes not requiring redeployment of API Services

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Hello everyone,

We currently have event servers configured in two nodes in our infrastructure (details here) and whenever we want to reroute our audit logs to a different event server (different IP and port) we need to redeploy our APIs.

DSS offers us the option of configuring audit logging at deployment level and at the infrastructure level in the Deployer configurations. Both options require API Services to be redeployed after the changes.

Internally, our software engineering team suggested that a third option could be to set global configurations in the Kubernetes cluster.

In other words, if we had an option of configuring something like environment variables at the cluster level setting EVENTSERVER_HOST and EVENTSERVER_PORT (or something similar to that), this configuration could make it possible to not redeploy APIs and still have the same effect (audit logs be routed to a different event server).

Of course, this flow could satisfy other similar needs. Audit logging configuration for instance has multiple attributes as well.

I believe this would be a product suggestion (not sure what is the link to submit this), but the discussion here is worth as well.


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