Couldn't open SFTP channel, caused by: JSchException: session is down

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I am seeing the above error when trying to pick up some files (about 20 I think, ~170mb each) from a folder using regex.

I have a couple of different datasets defined picking up different sets of files in the same folder - some work, some give this error.

It feels like maybe it's a timeout type thing? Does anyone know how to resolve this or what further steps I could take to debug?



Operating system used: Windows 10



  • Alexandru
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    Hi @stephenjwz

    A bit more context around JSchException in the DATADIR/run/backend.log when reproducing this. Please also check the SFTP server-side ssh logs for the reason behind this.

    As you mentioned it's likely a timeout or something closing the connection. You can try to switch to SCP to see if results in see the same behavior.

    I assume with smaller / less file this works?

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