Low code low incremental cost data visualization tools. (Sand dance Jupiter widget anyone)

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Although the basic charting features of DSS are nice and get many thing done in an OK way. And I know we can do some amazing things with R libraries like ggplot2 and python libraries like seaborn, matplotlib, and there third party services like plotly.

I’ve been exploring low / no code options that don’t cost a huge amount of money like tableau and keep data confidential behind our firewall. What are others doing in this space?

Has anyone tried to use the Sanddance Jupiter widget from inside a Dataiku Jupiter notebook?

I recently tried Microsoft power bi desktop (not integrated into the power bi service.) and ran into problems connecting to my PostgreSQL server running in Microsoft WSL2.

What are others providing data analysts in you org with charting tools that have a design flair?

Thanks for any insights you can share?

Operating system used: Mac OS or Windows or Linux

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