Do I need to restart dss everytime I modify a custom library ?

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I think I'm doing something wrong. Every single time I update a library or create one and before I can use said library I have to 'dss restart' before I can use the (updated) librarie in a notebook (come to think of it , I haven't checked on a python recipe) .

If I don't restart ,the import will fail for a new custom lib , or the any code update would be ignored.

As you can imagine , it is problematic when I'm working on a notebook while a heavy job is running , dss restart would just kill the job.

So I guess my question would be : 'is there another way to get lib changes taken into account into a notebook ?'

If not I'd recommand some changes to be implemented because as much as the custom lib helps by not having to copy functions in each and every notebooks/recipe in a project , the need to restart dss (not just the kernel) kind of defeat at least partly the gain to the point that I sometime won't use the feature.

Thank you in advance for your answer !


Also when I dss restart with an open notebook , the kernel takes ages to reinitialize after the restart is complete (but that is far less an issue than the previous one).

Precision : I'm talking about using the 'librairies' feature in the 'notebook' section of a project


  • Clément_Stenac
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    You only need to restart the notebook itself. Either from the notebook: File > Close and Halt, or from the notebooks list, click on the yellow X to unload the notebook
  • Karmah
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    As it happens, restarting kernel does not suffice in my case, yet 'close and halt' followed by reopening does (go figure). So all's well and all that.
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