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I have my python project as a zip file. I have uploaded it to lib/python. Not sure how to extract the zip file inside the Dataiku library.

Can we extract via notebook?

How to get the library directory information?



  • Alexandru
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    The libraries structure does not permit unzipping files directly there.

    You can do it in a notebook with:

    !unzip DATADIR/<span class="pre">config/projects/PROJECT_KEY/lib/path/to/ </span>

    • Per-project library folder is in <span class="pre">DATA_DIR/config/projects/PROJECT_KEY/lib</span>

    • Global library folder is in <span class="pre">DATA_DIR/lib/python</span>

  • muthu11
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    i have uploaded in lmy in /lib, /lib/python in 2 locations.

    tried below combinations still not able to point the exact folder,

    !unzip DATADIR/config/projects/TESTEXPLORER/lib/

    !unzip DATADIR/config/projects/TESTEXPLORER/lib/python/

    !unzip DATADIR/config/projects/TESTEXPLORER/lib/path/python/

    !unzip DATADIR/config/projects/TESTEXPLORER/lib/path/to/

    getting error :

    unzip:  cannot find or open DATADIR/config/projects/TESTEXPLORER/lib/python/, DATADIR/config/projects/TESTEXPLORER/lib/python/ or DATADIR/config/projects/TESTEXPLORER/lib/python/

    can you tell how to explore like a terminal to find the exact path?

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