Dataiku Webapp | Flask jinja template issue | unable to render json response in frontend using jinja

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Wants to show JSON response using jinja template engine in frontend in dataiku webapp environment. when I do so, I get stuck showing the json data.

My question is that whether dataiku supports jinja template engine or not in flask?

Note : I am able to do it on local but not on dataiku platform.

Any help or suggestion would be appreciated!

Below is the sample snippet of my code.

{% for post in posts %}
<tr style="font-size:20">
<td>{{ post.page_id }}</td>
<td>{{ post.doc_id }}</td>
<td>{{ post.sent_id }}</td>
<!--<td>{{ post.doc }}</td>-->
<td>{{ post.sentences }}</td>
{% endfor %}


Operating system used: windows

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