Microsoft Power BI Plugin - Capabilities

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Hello - I am working on setting up the powerbi v2 plug in into one of our dataiku instances.

I have got it working by creating a preset under the Azure Single Sign on option with credentials from one of our Azure service principals.

Whilst using this - I have noticed that you can only export one dataset in dataiku to a dataset in PowerBI which then has to be used in a report. Is there a way we can use the plugin to transfer several datasets from dataiku to one dataset in powerbi as this would be more effective?

Secondly, is there a way that these datasets could be refreshed in powerbi off the back of a dataiku dataset change as currently the last refreshed date is the date that it was created in powerbi? Even when the dataset is overwritten in powerbi - it does not show that it has been refreshed it merely just updates in the report.

Thirdly, when overwriting the created dataset in powerbi with another dataset from dataiku with a different schema - the dataset shows up as blank in the powerbi report. Please can you tell me how we can avoid this without the creation of another dataset?

Lastly - is there a way that we could use this plug in to refresh other datasets in powerbi?



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