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Hi, Once we expose a chart with filters into Dashboard, i need to explore further use case to see the underlying data with filters. Example from Dashboard, Once we are at insight of chart, we can use filter and there is also a click to go the source data set. My user requirement is that once he put filter on chart then he wants to go back to the source data with the same filters applied to deep dive and analyse the problem data. If source data is without filter, then user has no idea which data is to be analysed. Is there any work around on this. Any other way to solve this problem is also ok. We just want to access the underlying data with selected filters on exposed insights to avoid any re-engineering on raw data. Thanks

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    Hi @mayur_garg
    , you can add the Dataset to the dashboard. The filters that you have added into the dashboard will be applied onto the Dataset as well. The screenshot below shows how the dashboard might look like, consisting filters, chart and dataset.

    However, adding filters to dashboard is only possible in V10. There's no option of cross-filtering before V10.

    Screenshot 2022-01-14 at 3.20.02 PM.png

  • mayur_garg
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    Hi Huixiang, First thing we have version 8 and this feature is not available for us. Just to ask on this functionality, is it possible to click on dataset in dashboard and go back to actual dataset in project with filters applied if we don't want to see it in Dashboard.

    We have version 8, Can you suggest any solution where we give user the capability to see insight where they can apply filters and then deep dive into actual data (with fikters) behind the insights.

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