Why Dataiku added a minute

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44586 is an example number from my data set

Expression in dataiku recipe: inc(asDate('1900-01-01','yyyy-mm-dd'),44586-2,'d')

result after executing recipe from dataiku level: '2022-01-25 01:01:00.000 +0100'

sql version of an expression: TO_DATE('1900-01-01','yyyy-mm-dd') + (interval '1 day' * (44586::int8 -2))

result after executing recipe from dataiku level: '2022-01-25 01:00:00.000 +0100'

DB engine is postgresql

Why is 1 minute was added when using formula language???

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    Hi @Marek_Zak

    This should solve the problem:


    Note that MM must be in capital letters to detect a month, else it will take the parsed value as a minute (mm)

    Hope this helps!

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