API Service deployment - impact on the API Endpoint usage

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We are using DSS API Services in our production landscape.

I would like to understand what is the impact on an API service update (deployment) on the current usage of the API service endpoint by the users ?

In other words, if I deploy/update an existing API service which takes some time (between 30s to 1 minute for instance) to an API Node and a user is requesting one of the API service endpoint, what will happen ?Will the system generate an error for the user request as the API service endpoint is being updated ?

Is there a way to avoid this impact ?



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    Hi Annie,

    As mentioned in our reference documentation, activating a new version of your API service should not generate any query loss:

    - each request sent during the update will still be directed to the old version and thus return a response,

    - as soon as the new version is ready, requests are sent to it.

    Hope this helps!



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