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I'm looking to setup a global instance variable for all users as a type of default when using a specific database connection. As part of the variable creation, I would like to pull in their Dataiku login information to help build the value. This is because in the backend database, each user has a role name: <dataiku login>_role.

So in the global variables section, I would see it looking something like this:


"database_role": <dataiku login variable>"_ROLE"


The problem is I cannot find how to access Dataiku session metadata. I searched around documentation for a bit but cannot seem to find it. Ideas?


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    Hi @msucrah

    Would be able to clarify which database you would be using?

    For snowflake for example something like this could be possible by setting the role to ${userProperty:database_role} as explained here.

    This would mean each user would need to have userProperty set to the

    "database_role": "<replace_username>_ROLE"

    You add this for every user via the API :

    import dataiku
    client = dataiku.api_client()
    dss_users = client.list_users()
    for i in dss_users:
        username = i['login']
        settings = user.get_settings()
        settings.user_properties["database_role"] = username+"_ROLE"

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