30 seconds Time limit for a "Export notebook" step ?

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Following my previous question (Update a Jupyter Notebook as a scenario step) I put a step called "Export Notebook" in my application designer.

The notebook takes some time to execute, as it needs to load data but more importantly generate multiple custom dataviz.

So even though the notebook can be run manually successfully, it fails when run as an automatic step and the error log shows :

[NbConvertApp] Executing notebook with kernel: py-dku-venv-vf_env
[NbConvertApp] ERROR | Timeout waiting for execute reply (30s).

I understand that the notebook has a 30 second limit to be fully run ?

Can I overcome this ?

Thanks a lot


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    Hi @VFL

    Unfortunately, there is no possibility to increase the current 30s timeout. We do have this item in our backlog in this regard.

    You could try running the bulk of your code as a python step in the scenario or recipe and then simply load the saved visualization into the notebook from a managed folder for example.

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