Partition error while building output dataset

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Good morning.

I am trying to build output dataset from multiple input datasets using python recipe but getting this error while validating the python recipe as below. However, NONE of my input and output datasets are partitioned. Can you please help.


Validation failed

Failed to compute recipe status: Invalid partition dependency, source MMD_GLB_CT_EMA_CTEMADEV.se_b_1_5_5_recommended_planned_orders is not partitioned

Kindly help.



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    Hi Ankur,

    Failed to compute recipe status: Invalid partition dependency error suggests there is a mismatch between your input/output datasets and the actual recipe. Perhaps you select a partitioned dataset initially but changed to a non-partitioned one?

    If the same code is working in Notebook but not a recipe could try the following:

    1. Create a new recipe, don't use an existing one. Copy the actual code working code from the notebook.

    2. Ensure the input/output datasets selected are not partitioned.


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