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Hi folks,

I need to display the columns of one of the input datasets of my custom plugin , as a multiselect drop down list in the plugin UI.

Would appreciate any ideas.


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  • EliasH
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    Hi @rishabh1994

    I was able to accomplish displaying the columns from an input dataset by first creating a SELECT parameter ( but instead of having a "selectChoices" field I used "getChoicesFromPython" and set that to true so that I could generate the list dynamically from my input dataset.

    "paramsPythonSetup": ""
    "params": [
        "type": "SELECT",
        "name": "Testing Column Names",
        "label": "Pick a Column"
        "getChoicesFromPython": true

    Following this part of the documentation (

    I created a python file called "" under the resource folder of the plugin (may have to create this folder manually if it is not there) and pointed to it by specifying "paramsPythonSetup" as I have done above.

    Then in my "" I have written the do() function like so

    import dataiku
    def do(payload, config, plugin_config, inputs):
        for i in inputs:
            if i['role'] == "input_dataset": #Must match what you've named the role to be
                input_dataset = i['fullName']
        dataset = dataiku.Dataset(input_dataset)
        schema = dataset.read_schema()
        schema_columns = [col['name'] for col in schema]
        choices = []
        for c in range(len(schema_columns)):
            choices.append({"value": schema_columns[c], "label": schema_columns[c]})
        return {"choices": choices}


  • rishabh1994
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    Thanks @EliasH
    , was really helpful..

    I also wanted to know if there can be multiple dropdowns in the UI whose choices are coming from a python code, like the one mentioned above. For example , if in addition to the columns of one input dataset in one dropdown , we need to have the columns of the second input dataset in another.

    And if that is possible how to uniquely specify the do() statements for each of them..


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