[Standard Webapp] Role of JS and Concrete Use Case

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Hello Dataiku fans & lovers!

While I have had my fair share of developping Rshiny webapps in DSS, I have found myself struggling while trying to tackle standard HTML/CSS/JS/Python webapps.

This is mainly due to my non existing knowledge of JS along with my embryo of understanding of HTML...

From reading dedicated DSS tutorials as well as multiple external ones, I am in need on enlightenment regarding :

  1. The role of JS within a standard webapp.
  2. A concrete application that I have been trying to implement myself while failing miserably.

I will start with question 2 in order to give you a more accurate vision of what I am trying to accomplish. The goal is: create a webapp with a search bar where an user would input a youtube link. The video would then be displayed upon clicking on a "search" button.

Conceptualizing on a more developed application (involving the python backend), the webapp would take this youtube link, perform some actions involving a dataset or a model within the DSS project, and eventually return another youtube link to be displayed in the front end (Ayee recommendation systems!).

Regarding question 1, I was wondering if JS is essential in any webapp with a python backend.

Please consider this tutorial for instance, where there does not seem to be any JS involved. He just defines an HTML template where he substitutes the id of the youtube link. The only difference here is that you id is not defined within a search bar but directly with the route link. In all the tutorials (2!) I have seen on DSS, there is always JS involved.

Now regarding the specific use case... well... how do I do it? Please? Any lead would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you in advance,


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