Auto Scaling Snowflake Warehouse

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Hi Team,

Is there any way to autoscale my Snowflake Warehouse ?

Example - Some Datasets are huge which require 2X cluster of Snowflake and Some require only Small Cluster. Is there any way to auto Scale that whenever i am running my recipes?

Will EKS helps in auto scaling the the Snowflake Cluster?

Thanks in Advance

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  • Clément_Stenac
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    EKS and Snowflake are two unrelated topics. No action on one will impact the other.

    Snowflake warehouses can only auto-scale if you have the "multi-cluster warehouse" option, which requires the Enteprise edition of Snowflake

    If you don't have Snowflake Enterprise, you will need to contact your Snowflake representatives.

    Else, the documentation mentioned above will show you how to create multi-cluster Snowflake warehouses that can autoscale. Please note that this is entirely a Snowflake-side operation. DSS does not create nor manage Snowflake warehouses.


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