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Is it possible to create our own wiki template which then can be made available for all the users on our Dataiku instance? i.e. it shows up on the list with the Sample Wiki Article, blank wiki, etc.

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    Hi Lina,

    Currently, to create new templates you will need to use the CLI.

    DATADIR is where DSS is installed.

    INSTALLDIR is where DSS was unpacked

    cd DATADIR

    mkdir -p resources/article-templates
    cp -r  INSTALLDIR/resources/article-templates/1_sample/ DATADIR/resources/article-templates/my-own-sample

    Edit DATADIR/resources/article-templates/my-own-sample/meta.json and enter your own name and description
    Edit DATADIR/resources/article-templates/my-own-sample/ and enter the default markdown that will appear when using this template

    When you create a new article, your new template will now display

    Screenshot 2021-09-28 at 12.23.27.png

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