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Hi All - I am new to DataIku and exploring all the wonderful features. I am keen to work on graph machine learning and access libraries such as Deep Graph Library or Pytorch Geometric. At first glance they are not available, can someone either confirm or point me in the right direction? Thanks a lot!


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    Welcome to the Dataiku Community.

    I have not worked with Deep Graph Library or Pytorch Geometric. (Maybe others here have and can reply more authoritatively.)

    That said Data Science Studio (DSS) provides Python Notebooks, Python Recipies, which can run virtual environments that Dataiku called Code Environments. These can be configured on the Administration Screens.

    In general, I've found it I can install it on my OS, compiler, and hardware. I can generally, get it to work in a Code Environment.

    Here is a link to some documentation on Code environments.

    Here are some older comments about getting libraries set up.

    I'd like to invite others who might be more familiar with getting GPU-based DL libraries set up to jump in here.

    Let us know how you are getting with your project.

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    hi Tom - this is very useful, thank you!

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