ERROR: No space left on device

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I have DSS installed on VirtualBox.

When running Join recipe I encounter no space left on device error (screenshot attached).

Any ideas how I could resolve this issue?

DSS version 9.0.1

OS centos (7)

JAVA Red Hat, Inc. (1.8.0_282)



  • dgraham
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    Hi @dj

    The "No space left on device" error is typically due to low disk space on the DSS machine. You will see that error message when there is no free disk space remaining to create new files in your <DATA_DIR> ( "/home/dataiku/dss" on your particular DSS instance).

    You may run the following command in the command line of your DSS instance which will display statistics about the amount of free disk space on your file system.

    df -h

    If free space is indeed low, then you may consider increasing file system capacity or analyze the system to determine if any large (non-system and non-application specific) files/directories can be deleted to free up storage space.

    You may also refer to the below documentation link for additional information:

    Managing DSS disk usage -

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