Sharing Dataiku Application Test Instance to other users

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I have created an application using application designer within a project, and I have created a test instance which I would like to share to other users.

I know how to grant user access through security - permissions (in both project and test instance), however if I need to update something within the project and I would click "create or update test instance (full)" in application designer which would update the instance and that unfortunately gets rid of the permission that I've given to other users.

The newly updated test instance clears all the permission in the instance and does not carry across permissions that I've given in the project.

I prefer sharing the test instance to users so it's easier for them to use, instead of sharing the whole project and asking them to open application designer - create test instance. Is there some trick that I can do so that I do not need to re-grant everyone permission every time I update my instance and re-share the instance to people?

Thanks in advance!

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    One of the benefits of applications is to enable the execution of a flow by different users with different parameters. By forcing all test users to share the same application instance, you are essentially removing this multi user/parameters benefit. Is that what you want to do?

    To address your challenge, test users do not need to open the application designer:

    • Create a security group with the test users
    • Give this security group Read access to the template project
    • The users now see the Application in the applications list
    • They can now open the application and create their own instance.

    See the attached image of an example application pattern, explaining the required security permissions.

    I hope this helps.


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